Property Management

GM property management (GMpm) was created by industrial property specialist to look after our past industrial clients.  We are pleased to offer you professional, experienced and independent  Management of your Industrial Assets.  Marketing and Management are two separate roles but both are important to ensure you maximise your investment returns and safeguard the value of your investment property.   GMpm have developed a property ‘management’ system that ensures you receive peace of mind, maximum returns, ease of financial tracking and protection of your property as well as a unique property ‘marketing’ system that delivers cost efficient, effective and wide ranging leasing exposure in the Brisbane industrial property market.

Our financial tracking and bookkeeping facilities will ensure monthly and end of year reporting for all your tax requirements are provided to you and your accountant.  GMpm will provide you with a truly comprehensive service to maximise your returns on your valuable industrial assets.   Industrial Property Marketing also requires a professional and comprehensive approach to ensure success.   Vacancies cost you the owner and these need to be minimised.  Proactively looking after and keeping your existing lessees as well as astute marketing, negotiation and market knowledge when vacancy becomes a reality are essential requirements.

Since starting in industrial property in 1987 the principle of GMpm, Garry McNamara, has compiled a comprehensive  database and professional network of almost all the active industrial agents in the greater Brisbane area.  When the time comes to find a tenant you do not need to rely on just one or two agents because with GMpm you will have access to all agents and their prospects via this unique coordinated system.

GMpm  can provide access to several legal firms specialising in commercial property to suit all needs and budgets.  We have excellent contacts for insurance, property maintenance and builders when required.  Garry and his team have been successfully negotiating with prospects and other agents since 1987 and can assure all management clients that their needs in regards to property protection, keeping your tenants, lease documentation,  and covenants will always be our priority. We look forward to offering you the following comprehensive services.

  • Industrial Property Asset Management
  • Industrial Property Coordinated Leasing and Marketing Services
  • Construction advice, design and services from specialist consultants
  • Industrial Property Acquisition, Leasing and Investment Services

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